All our products are manufactured uniquely to your exact requirements providing durability, teamed with aesthetic perfection.

  • Tiled Pools and Spas
  • Stainless Steel Pools and Spas
  • Plunge Pools
  • Balance Tanks… and more

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    Design and 3D Renders - Rigo Spa


    Rigo spa can produce high-quality drawings and renders with your company branding on to show to your clients. Rigo spas highly skilled designers can bring future projects to life from professional drawings to high quality renders.

    Tiled Square Spa Rigo Spa 3

    Deck Level & Overflow Spas

    Overflow spas are the perfect solution for the commercial sector due to their ability to cope with a larger number of bathers and the full body of water overflowing its edge into a channel.

    Tiled Circular Deck Level Spa Rigo Spa


    These spas primarily are used in the domestic market. They work by having a freeboard above the water where the skimmer is incorporated. Available in multiple different shapes and sizes and can be customised on request.

    Tiled Spa Segment Rigo Spa

    Split Segments

    All spas and pools can be cleverly manufactured into multiple segments if needed, any shape, any size, any design, making it easier to transport and position on-site if access is limited.

    Bespoke Spa Rigo Spa

    Bespoke Design

    Rigo Spa can offer unique design and manufacture to any shape, size and any type. Such as pools, spas, swimspas, hydropools and much more. Anything is possible.

    Plunge Pool Rigo Spa

    Plunge Pools

    A plunge pool is a small pool usually used for cooling off after heat treatments such as spa, sauna or steam sessions. The water is typically between 5-10 degrees, achieved with the use of a chiller.