Steam Rooms

Steam Room

This amazing steam room is fitted with an automated brine salt injection system and the backwall is a large sheet of Onyx stone that is cleverly backlit. Ensuring the safe delivery of steam to not scold bathers is also high on the list of design considerations for Rigo Spa, hence the central recessed low level steam entry point


This traditional Moroccan Hammam is finished in a combination of polished plaster and large format tiles. The heated benches and large water trough are utilised to offer bathers a truly memorable massage from a therapist whilst enjoying the warm, steamy environment


Rhassouls are the ultimate steam room experience. These fully automated rooms allow bathers to apply skin enriching or exfoliating muds all over their bodies, steam the body whilst smothered in the muds and then shower them off. A treatment in a Rigo Spa Rhassoul leaves bathers completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Steam Room Salt

Another brine salt infused steam room from Rigo Spa that continues to amaze bathers at this luxury commercial spa. Salt offers health benefits to the brochial duct whilst the steam increases metabolism and speeds up bathers heart rates. A beneficial steam room in many ways


The Rhassoul at this luxury spa is a modern twist on a traditional room as it is finished in a bronze and earthy colour scheme as opposed to the greens and blues usually installed in such rooms. Rigo Spa realise all types of design concepts with different twists on the stereotype


A very modern bespoke automated Rhassoul with colour changing fibre optic lighting and individual heated thrones for bathers

Steam Room Effigibi

Rigo Spa only install market leading equipment like this effigibi steam generation and colour change lighting unit. For more information on the cutting edge products we install please contact us

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