A good steam room installation offers you the rewards of rich moisture cleanse for the purpose of hygiene as well as skin improvement. The idea of steam bathing may have originated in Roman times, but Rigo Spa has continued this concept to suit our clients’ modern lifestyles. Rigo Spa is skilled in the installation of steam rooms, guaranteeing our clients a stylish and luxury health feature for their home or commercial space.

Steam Room

Aroma steam rooms combine a mix of steam and scent to provide a truly memorable experience.
This amazing steam room designed by Rigo Spa is fitted with an automated brine salt injection system, and the back wall is a large sheet of Onyx stone that is beautifully back-lit.
Ensuring the safe delivery of steam to not scold bathers is also high on the list of design considerations for Rigo Spa, hence the central recessed low-level steam entry point.

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