Residential Projects

Rigo Spa has an experienced and highly skilled team with an extensive track record in quality swimming pool design and fabrication. As well as our pools, we offer a range of innovative and luxury spa and thermal room facilities that provide an array of health and wellness benefits. Once you’ve taken some inspiration from our past projects, our team can help you to find the ideal fit for your design tastes and specific size requirements.

  • Woodbrook Residential Pool and Vitality Spa - Rig Spa


If you want to have a swimming pool on your property, you will benefit from finding a trusted pool designer that will provide the ideal solution.
The right pool, whether as a solo feature or accompanied by a spa, sauna or steam room, can provide your home with an enjoyable experience, as well as a range of health and wellness benefits. Rigo Spa has been building many different types of pools for years now and is dedicated to providing clients with elite pool designs for their homes.
The pool should be designed to reflect the style and signature of its residents. After all, it is your home.