Overflow Pools

Here at Rigo Spa, we are specialists in swimming pool design, construction, and installation, offering you a range of high-quality pool options that will give your home or commercial space a wonderful leisure feature. With a long track record of quality production, you’ll be able to have full confidence that you’re getting a high-end swimming pool that rivals any on the market.

Langdale Hotel Overflow Pool - Rigo Spa

Overflow pools, also known as Deck Level pools, provide a flowing and elegant style to your pool. With an overflow design, Rigo Spa can create stunning infinity edge pools. Luxury bathing with the perfect vista.

  • Armstrong Farm Overflow Pool

Overflow pools constantly renew the water over a short period of time helping to keep the water clean and transparent and free from impurities.
Overflow pools are a lot quieter than a standard pool. The water smoothly spills over the edges reducing the sound of water lapping against the walls.

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