Snow Caves

Thermal suites are designed to offer a range of temperature experiences through the use of various spa facilities such as plunge pools, snow caves, ice fountains, heated ceramic loungers and foot spas.

The idea behind using a variety of heat experiences is that it helps soothe, relax and detoxify the body.

Shiveringly good experiences...

Bring an additional wintry dimension to the cold experience with an indoor snow cave. Contrasting both hot and cool experiences provides an essential element of the spa journey. After using a hot cabin, a snow cave experience enables stimulation of the skin, assists blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. This unique, refreshing treatment can also tighten the skin and revitalise the whole body.

Rigo Spa has created their very own snow cave equipment as installed in one of only four commercial spa facilities in the UK, Thornton Hall.
Finished internally in waterproof concrete that replicates a long lost cave, our snow rooms are a truly memorable experience as the soft natural feeling snow is held within the cave at around -10degreesC.

Whatever your vision Rigo Spa design team can help you create unique experiences for you and your customers.

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