Other Thermal

Thermal suites are designed to offer a range of temperature experiences through the use of various spa facilities such as saunas, steam rooms, ice fountains and heated ceramic loungers.

The idea behind using a variety of heat experiences is that it helps soothe, relax and detoxify the body.

Rigo Spa has brought modern innovation to this ancient practice of moving between different levels of heat and cold to offer you reliable, quality and stylish thermal spa solutions.

Dornbracht Horizontal Shower 2 - Rigo Spa

Experience Showers

The experience shower combines different water effects such as mist, tropical rain, monsoon, cold waterfall, and mood lighting, music, and aromas to create the ultimate relaxing experience.

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Holiday Inn Winchester Foot Spa - Rigo Spa 2

Foot Spas

To increase the wellbeing benefits for foot spa users, we design ergonomic shapes for maximum comfort and also offer the option of heated benches.

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Lodore Falls Heated Seats - Rigo Spa
Lodore Falls Ice Fountain 2 - Rigo Spa

Ice Fountain

Rubbing the skin with ice has health benefits, the ice stimulates circulation causing the veins to expand and contract.

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Snail Plunge Pool 2 - Rigo Spa

Plunge Pool

A plunge pool is a small shallow pool for cooling off rather than swimming. Ideal for jumping into after using the sauna.

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Thornton Hall Snow Room - Rigo Spa

Snow Caves

Rigo Spa has created their very own snow cave equipment as installed in one of only four commercial spa facilities in the UK, Thornton Hall.

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