Moddershall Oaks

The client already had a basic swimming pool facility that was not coping with high client demand.
They wanted to add a high bather load spa facility and additional guest rooms.

Moddershall Oaks Tiled Vitality Spa Rigo Spa

Rigo Spa designed a huge bespoke 20 person outdoor Vitality Spa transforming this beautiful country property into a magnificent setting for an adult-friendly country spa.

Moddershall Sauna Rigo Spa 5

Further visuals were designed and integrated to provide a warming feeling outdoors, such as the rustic log fireplace.
This provides a unique social experience and gives our client over 50 additional bathers that can use the facility at the same time.

Moddershall Oaks Tiled Vitality Spa Rigo Spa 8

Along with hydrotherapy treatments and relaxation, the picturesque setting provides total relaxation for the mind-body and soul.


Moddershall Oaks Tiled Vitality Spa Snowing Rigo Spa

The unique location and facility can be enjoyed all year round, creating a complete hot and cold wellness experience.

Moddershall Sauna Rigo Spa 2

Rigo Spa manufacture Finnish saunas, bio saunas and herbal saunas from many different prime timbers. This sauna is manufactured from Kelo log and is fitted with two large glazed windows to offer bathers views over the surrounding countryside.